Call For Video Submissions

All submissions must be submitted by Jan 31st, 2021 and those chosen will be notified by March.

Every year in June we kick off Aboriginal Awareness Week in Calgary. Elements of this event will be held online this year. Chosen video submissions will be integrated into our live streamed event or featured on social media during Aboriginal Awareness Week.


All contest submissions should:

  • Be original for this contest and if possible support our theme. (TBA)
  • Not infringe on any third-party rights (logos, music, intellectual property, etc.).
  • Be submitted by email to or
  • Include entrant’s contact information: Name, company name, city, prov, website, e-mail and phone number.
  • Preferred – uploaded to Dropbox (Free accounts for under 2 GB). Or at the very least a high resolution version posted to a personal or company YouTube or Vimeo Channel as a downloadable video. Please provide the video link with your submission. Ensure what you have provided us is a high resolution output of your video. Small videos may be attached as a file to the email where possible as long as it does not cause the video to be overly compressed.
  • If we have a problem with the resolution or quality of the video we may contact you for a crisper version.
  • Preferred file formats are .mov and .mp4
  • If submitting another way email us at
    or to discuss
  • We thank everyone for their submissions, however not all submissions may be chosen for use for this year


  • You don’t need to hire a professional. A homemade quality video can work great. But plan ahead and shoot several takes to get it right.
  • Higher resolution equals higher quality. Record in 16:9 widescreen format if possible. If you can record your video in high definition (1280×720 pixels), do it. Also, aim for good audio sound quality. Use a microphone wherever possible. Capture the best you can with the equipment you have.
  • Use sufficient lighting. People need to see you and what you are doing/talking about. The more light, the better. Also, having more than one light source will help alleviate any kind of shadows. Practice by recording sample videos and then share them with friends and family for feedback.

Helpful Links:


By entering or submitting the 2020/21 Aboriginal Awareness Week Opening Ceremonies (AAWOC)/Honouring Mother Earth call for submissions, you agree that you are voluntarily submitting an entry. We are happy to announce that we will be able to provide a stipend of $100 to those submissions that are selected to be included in the AAW Opening Ceremonies event. Those that are selected will be contacted. By submitting an entry you are granting permission for your submission(s) to be used by the AAWOC/Honouring Mother Earth for consideration for the 2020 program development and/or implementation and for any future communications/publications/marketing/promotional/archival and/or media created, developed and/or implemented. None of the planning committee members or their respective organizations or businesses are liable for any injury, slander, defamation, damages, or death.